Water Submetering Systems Eliminate Waste

Posted by , on Jan, 2015

Not only is water consumption a big expense to any property owner, but it is also one of the biggest costs for homeowner associations. With water submetering systems, the cost of wasting water is passed on to the ones using the extra water rather than unfairly forcing all to share the cost.

Wasted Water

Most people say that they are concerned about conserving energy, protecting the environment, and “going green,” but some people do not put their money where their mouth is. While they are saying that they want to save energy and resources, they are busy wasting one of our most beautiful and precious resources: water.

In multi-family dwellings, where the cost of water is added into the lease, or in the case of Home Owner Associations which manage common property areas for everyone, wasting water costs everyone money. Without individual accountability as to how much water is being used, there is no way to track the waste from one person to another. Leaving water running unnecessarily, extra showering, excessive car washing, and allowing children to play in the water for hours, are all examples of a misuse of a shared water system. When a few people neglect their responsibility to conserve water, the water bill for everyone goes up. The landlord raises the rent and each tenant feels the financial pinch. Each tenant ultimately pays more whether he or she has wasted water or not. It is a very unfair system.


When having water submetering systems installed, the property owner can bill each tenant individually, according to how much water he or she actually used. In this way, it is no longer an estimate or a collective responsibility, but an individual responsibility. And people respond better to conserving water when they can see it on their own bill. When the money has to come out of the tenant’s own pocket, he or she will be prompted to be more mindful of the water he or she is actually using on a daily basis. The tenant will turn off the running water, cut down on extra showers, or shorten them; limit the amount water used washing the car, and forbid their high energy, water-loving kids to overindulge in water play. When there is a payment attached to the level of water conservation, people will undoubtedly rise to the occasion. This will automatically deter waste.

So the water submetering systems are a pro energy concept, saving water and, therefore, the environment by allotting personal financial responsibility to each water-using tenant. Subsequently, the water submetering systems also save money, time and stress since you do not have to worry about, or compensate for, the waste of others. Obtaining these systems is well worth the effort.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2015

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