EnergySage Lists Green Power Energy as the Number #1 Solar Company in New Jersey

Posted by , on Oct, 2018

New Jersey is the #5 state for solar in the country. The average payback for a homeowner is 5.65 years, with an average of $56,385 in 20-year income and savings and an average price per watt of $3.24. Although there are many solar companies in the state, EnergySage has selected Green Power Energy as the number one solar company in New Jersey.

Green Power Energy has been involved with EnergySage since around 2013; having installed solar on hundreds of homes through the website. EnergySage is a nationwide solar marketplace where homeowners can make their home available to New Jersey solar installers to bid on their project.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), there are over 570 solar companies in New Jersey including manufacturers, installers and developers. Green Power Energy’s #1 rating is based on customer feedback. The company has over 1,500 customers and a 4.9-star rating on Google reviews. Green Power Energy has a 2-acre solar farm that powers a carefully designed mixed-use complex called The Village Green at Annandale.

The company’s solar farm generates about 390,000 kWh a year and powers multiple residential and commercial buildings including their own office. Green Power Energy’s system produces enough electricity to sustain the entire complex, so tenants don’t rely on traditional energy sources such as nuclear power and fossil fuels. The electricity produced on site can be incorporated into the tenants’ lease agreements or sold to them, providing the village with another source of income. Green Power Energy has installed 9.854 MW of solar power since 2009. It usually takes them 3 days to complete a 2,000 sq ft home installation, so homeowners don’t need to wait too long.

6-step Solar Panel Installation Process

Green Power Energy’s 6-step solar panel installation process ensures that they’re able to provide the exact solution that their customers need. They listen to their customer’s energy-related needs and assess the property through satellite technology. Green Power Energy then schedules an appointment for a more comprehensive consultation with the customer in person. Their staff will survey the property in detail and recommend the best solar system options for their property and the benefits they can get.

After confirming everything with the customer, they will start the project’s engineering and design phase. Green Power Energy will create a free analysis report and drawings of the renewable energy system. They will present the design to the customer as well as explain its benefits and features and the cost savings they will get. Before installing the system, Green Power Energy will ensure that they have all the necessary approvals. An experienced project manager on-site will supervise the entire process. Green Power Energy will also assign a personal renewable energy consultant who will manage all details of the project and assist the customer from start to end. After the installation, they will conduct a final wall through with the customer to show how the system works.

Contact Green Power Energy for access to affordable purchase options, PPA options and loan options. | 908.713.9055

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Posted by , on Oct, 2018

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