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Remember Swisher Sweets Cigars? They have been around for some time and are still quite popular today. You may only find one or two types of Swisher Sweets when you shop locally, but they make some very good little cigars, and when you shop with a top online cigar shop, you’ll discover some most enjoyable selections. In addition, the company has a very interesting history.


The history of Swisher Sweets cigars goes back to the year the Civil War began. David Swisher did not have a lifelong dream of producing cigars, nor did he want to go into the cigar business. He received his cigar company in exchange for a debt in 1861.

Swisher Sweets cigars were only one of many products David Swisher and his sons sold, as they travelled across the country. Eventually Swisher Sweets cigars were more profitable and they became the focus of the business.

In 1929 (the year of the greSwisher Sweets Cigarsat stock market crash) the company moved from Chicago, Illinois to Jacksonville, Florida. Over the years, these little cigars have become extremely popular and in 1995 (during the time of the cigar boom) sales increased a great deal and there were almost 500 brands of Swisher Sweets cigars being produced and distributed all over the world.

Good and Bad

Although some people think of Swisher Sweets as cheap cigars, the company also makes high quality brands, like the Long Corona Natural. They also make Outlaws Double Barrel Rum Cigarillos, which are reasonably priced exceptional little cigars.

Swisher Sweets Outlaws

If you are looking for an affordably priced hand rolled cigarillo, Swisher Sweets Cigars may have just what you need. These mild small cigars are hand rolled in Honduras and double dipped for exceptional flavor. You can buy Outlaws in rum flavor or natural. They are sold in packs of eight cigars, and are created to deliver a mild body with plenty of taste.

Outlaws are an excellent choice for your morning or afternoon smoke break as they will not last too long. Many people like to bring Outlaws on trips and they are perfect for rest stop breaks. Plus, for an inexpensive cigar, you will not have to worry about offensive odors, and this can make you popular at home. Many men prefer to buy their Swisher Sweets cigars in pouches instead of the single or two pack, as they claim to receive a better smoke and the pouches help to keep the cigars fresh longer.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2015

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