Eight Color Printing Machine for Phone Cases

Posted by , on Aug, 2018

An eight-color printing machine for phone cases can be just the business opportunity you have been hoping for. How many people in the world have a cellphone? The estimate is likely in the billions. The next question would be how many of those billions of people would like to have a personalized phone case to keep their phone safe? That answer, even with conservative views would be, millions. Millions of people buy phone cases! Why not be the one to manufacture them using the capabilities of an eight-color printing machine for phone cases?

Simple Process, Amazing Results

Having a phone case printer that prints directly to the phone case means high quality results. It is also an easy way to create custom designs that are displayed right on the phone case and that will stand up to use. The best part is that you get amazing results for minimal input! It is a one and done process that does not require any time to cure, dry or need additional treatment coming right off the printer.

Custom Crafted Designs

Creating vibrant, dazzling phone cases is easy when you have the right tools. These phone cases can be:

  • Sold to vendors
  • Sold online
  • Sold directly to customers
  • Sold at fairs
  • Used for branding purposes
  • And more

The beauty of having a printer that can print phone cases is that you can utilize a wide range of materials including, plastic, leather and composite cases. You can provide your client base with a range of options for exceptionally crafted custom phone cases without having to go to a third-party outsourcing company. BES Jet can help you get the printer that you want to create phone cases, tablet cases, laptop case and more. Shop all of the printers at BES jet!

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Posted by , on Aug, 2018

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