Create Amazing Products with a Wood Printer Machine

Posted by , on Oct, 2018

In today’s market, printing can be done on just about any material. Some of these materials range from metal to leather, and a particularly recent addition is wood. A good wood printer machine is designed to make the best out of wood material to create something particularly extraordinary. Depending on the type of machine you have at your disposal, you can use all forms of wood and use intricate designs to help create a product that...

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Eight Color Printing Machine for Phone Cases

Posted by , on Aug, 2018

An eight-color printing machine for phone cases can be just the business opportunity you have been hoping for. How many people in the world have a cellphone? The estimate is likely in the billions. The next question would be how many of those billions of people would like to have a personalized phone case to keep their phone safe? That answer, even with conservative views would be, millions. Millions of people buy phone cases! Why not...

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Important Information about Buying a Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Posted by , on Jul, 2018

Engraving machines come in many shapes and sizes. In the metal processing industry, these machines are commonly used for engraving and cutting signs into the metallic sheets. Obviously, the engraving work varies depending upon the type of metal and the different designs that can be engraved within the sheet. In many cases, most companies now prefer using a fiber laser engraving machine. These machines use a highly focused stream of...

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