Using Document Shredding Equipment To Protect Secure Information

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

When a company deals with confidential information on a daily basis, it becomes important to take precautionary steps in safeguarding it from getting into the wrong hands. Identity theft is a huge problem, making it necessary to watch over clients’ information, so there is no breach in security causing theft. Here are a few tips that can be used within a company to keep private information secure.

When filing information with pertinent information, having cabinets with locks on the drawers is best. It is a good idea to only allow certain employees to have access to this information. One way to keep track of who is utilizing the files is to have the cabinets placed in a locked room requiring key code entry. This along with a sign-out procedure will help keep the information contained in one area.

When documents are no longer needed, proper archiving procedures should be done. This includes the use of document shredding equipment so all paperwork is disposed of in a way where it is totally unreadable. Hiring a document shredding service like one that can be reviewed at, will allow companies the service of shredding done in a secure setting with no worry of theft. Many shredding companies will bring document shredding equipment right to the establishment. The process can be reviewed via monitor from the outside of the truck to verify none of the material was looked at in any way.

Computerized information will also need to be monitored on a constant basis. Adding password protection to confidential information will help alleviate theft. When files are no longer needed, the hard drives of the computers where they were present may need to be professionally swept, so the information is permanently deleted from the machines.

Security cameras, card readers, and limiting access can also be helpful in keeping proprietary or confidential information away from prying eyes. It is a good idea to have a written procedure in place regarding the steps the company will take in safeguarding information. Employees with access should need to sign a confidentiality agreement to avoid future trouble with stolen information.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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