Why Hire a Professional Service for Document Destruction Shredding in Orange County?

Posted by Zoe geoffrion , on Jul, 2016

Business owners have quite a bit to handle on a daily basis. While they delegate a number of tasks to employees, there are some things that they should not have to waste their time on. One of these tasks is document shredding. While it may seem like a business could save money by handling document shredding in-house, this is not always the case. Not only does equipment have to be purchased, but employees have to use their time to get...

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Using Document Shredding Equipment To Protect Secure Information

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

When a company deals with confidential information on a daily basis, it becomes important to take precautionary steps in safeguarding it from getting into the wrong hands. Identity theft is a huge problem, making it necessary to watch over clients’ information, so there is no breach in security causing theft. Here are a few tips that can be used within a company to keep private information secure. When filing information with...

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