Steps to Better Burlesque Photo Shoots

Posted by , on May, 2018

There are days when you feel you’re on top of the world, and there are days when you can barely string along two coherent thoughts even after a gallon of coffee. When you’re busy with a lot of things, and you forget to have fun, doing a burlesque photo shoot may be the right move to get your sexy and wicked back.

Before you go ahead, though, here are a few steps to a better photo shoot experience.

Pick a good photographer

Don’t go with any burlesque photography studio in Los Angeles. Find one with a good reputation. Check out reviews and feedback online. You could also ask people on your contact list for referrals. That’s one way to find a photographer you like.

Go for a daytime shoot

Schedule the photo session during the morning or afternoon. Sunlight can make a lot of difference in the feel and vibe of the shoots. Being drenched in light can make for a whole lot of sexy.

Know what you want

Get online and do a bit of inspirational research. What kind of vibe are you after? By culling together a few photographs, you can tell your photographer what kind of results you want. That’s going to help your photographer set up the mood and ambiance with the right props.

Check your comfort levels

It’s important to find a photographer you’re comfortable and relaxed with. Communication is a big factor since it helps build trust, the Popular Photography says. If you’re not at ease with your photographer, it may be a good idea to keep scouting around for other burlesque photography studios in Los Angeles until you find the right one.

Review the portfolio

You’ll want to take a long, look at the photographer’s gallery of photos. Do you like those results? Seeing what the photographer’s done with other clients can spark your imagination and give you a bit of inspiration for your shoot as well.

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Posted by , on May, 2018

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