Screen Printing in Fontana, CA: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by , on Sep, 2017

Screen printing is a popular process for larger orders of printed t-shirts. T-shirts with designs that have been developed using this method wash well and maintain their quality for long periods of time.

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How Does Screen Printing Work?

Screen printing is typically applied one color at a time. This means that the cost typically goes up with each additional color choice. This is because each screen used for the transferring of ink requires its own color. This means that a four-color shirt design will require four separate screens. This is not considered economical for smaller orders although it doesn’t end up costing you a whole lot extra on a larger scale.

Types of Ink

Plastisol: The standard go-to ink for the majority of screen-printing jobs is plastisol. Plastisol is an oil-based ink created from PVC pigment and molecules that are suspended in a plasticized solution. This means that ink does not dry naturally with air but must to be cured at a higher heat in order to dry. Instead of sinking into the shirt’s fibers, these types of inks tend to sit on top. This gives the ink a raised and textured feel. The feeling can be slightly mitigated with softening agents but they may reduce the ink’s vibrancy.

Water-Based: Water-based inks are a good choice for a couple of reasons. Ethically, water-based inks offer a healthier, more biodegradable alternative to oils and PVC products. Water-based inks are also softer and “invisible” to the touch. This means that the pigment soaks into the shirt during the natural curing process. These inks can be trickier to work with because they can dry out during long production processes.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2017

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