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Posted by , on Apr, 2016

For those living with a mobility-limiting disability, the option to get out and move on your own can be difficult. Luckily, in this day and age, technology has provided us with several new methods of allowing this to happen. Many members of the disabled community in Queensland are turning to online gaming, to experience the motion and camaraderie provided by these games, and support services in Cairns, and throughout the state, are working towards making this easier.

With the popularity of MMORPG games (massive multiplayer online role-playing games), such as Oblivion and Skyrim, many gamers living with disabilities are in need of personalised equipment, to facilitate game play. This includes specialised gaming interfaces and methods of communication with fellow players, across a wide range of different abilities. It is the job of support services in Cairns, and throughout Queensland, to encourage this.

In recent years, gamers have been able to access innovative technology to make their gaming experience more effective and fun. Those with visual impairments, as an example, have asked for more content to be audio recorded, while those with hearing impairments have asked for more closed captioning.

As a plus, numerous gamers have become more vocal about their needs and desires for new gaming elements. Some have begun widely-read blogs and game reviews, allowing these technologies to reach a wider audience.

These innovations, and the efforts of those intent of creating methods of gameplay for those living with a disability, does a great deal toward levelling the playing field for gamers of all abilities, and improving their quality and enjoyment of life.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2016

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