Finding a Good Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Academy

Posted by , on Aug, 2015

Jiu Jitsu is one of the oldest combat sports in the world. Over the years, there have been numerous changes as prominent martial artists have carried out experiments and have altered their practices. These lessons have been passed on down to newer generations, and jiu-jitsu has become more and more refined. Currently, jiu-jitsu is one of the world’s most widely taught combat sports. It is all about grappling, and it propagates the concept of a smaller-sized person beating a much larger person. Jiu-jitsu is all about grappling and submission holds.

However, your training will only be as good as the instructor you learn from. Finding a decent Los Angeles Jiu Jitsu Academy is not easy. There are many different academies spread all over the city. When learning a combat sport, you should not just be shopping around for what academy offers the cheapest prices. If you are paying a low rate for sub-par instruction, you may be jeopardizing your health due to improper techniques being taught.  At the same time, paying high class fees does not always mean a high level of instruction.  Here are a few ways to find the best jiu-jitsu academy in your area:

Talk to the Instructors

The interpretations of jiu-jitsu vary from person to person. There are certain instructors in the city who have acquired their knowledge of this sport from various teachers with different teaching styles and programs. Every instructor interprets certain programs differently and adds their own spin to the sport. If you really want to learn jiu-jitsu from the best instructors in the area, try meeting each one face to face and talk to them to see if you can take a free introductory class.  You will then be able to see how you like the instruction, the flow of class, and how the other students interact with each other.

Try to figure out whether they have proper knowledge of the sport itself. A key indicator of the instructors capabilities is their confidence and being approachable. Most instructors are very confident in what they are teaching and are willing to demonstrate easily. Ask the instructor about his/her approach to the learning experience as It will give you an idea of how they will proceed with the classes.

The Students

Take a stroll through the jiu-jitsu academy and talk to a few students. It will give you an idea of their dedication to the sport as well. As a new student, having motivated and dedicated people around you is a great thing. It will dramatically improve your performance as well.

Because jiu-jitsu can be physically and mentally demanding due to learning new techniques, you will need others around you to help you out at times. If you can make a few friends at the jiu-jitsu academy, it will only work out in your favor.  Your training partners become close friends that can help motivate you.  You should also try to find an academy that isn’t concerned with just filling up the academy with students so that you can get ample attention from the coach too.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2015

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