Your Car Can Look Like New With Car Detailing in Baltimore

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

If your car doesn’t look like new but runs great, you can make the inside and the outside of your car look like new with Car Detailing in Baltimore. Over time road dust and dirt from everyday use gets into the cracks and crevices of your vehicle. Your headliner becomes dirty from having the windows down and is very hard to clean by a non-professional. Your leather or upholstery will look like it is wearing out over time. You can renew the look of your car by having a professional detailer clean your entire car inside and out.

Detailing is not just vacuuming your seats and carpet. They will take compressed air and blow all of the dust out of the cracks. They will thoroughly vacuum your entire car including your trunk. After the surface dust is removed, they will steam clean all of your seats and carpeting. They will also use a special cleaner on the headliner of your car to remove the dirt and spots. If you have leather seats in your car, they will use a neutral pH cleaner to clean and recondition the leather in your car.

When you take your car for Car Detailing in Baltimore, they will also give you a showroom finish outside. They achieve this by washing and drying your car. They will then take bug and tar remover and clean it from your paint, grill and windows. Your wheels and wheel wells will be completed cleaned. Your tires will all be conditioned. The seals of your doors and trunk will be conditioned against cracking.

The paint on your car may look dull even after washing. They will go over your entire car with a clay bar which removes contaminates on the paint. This makes your paint feeling smooth. The clay bar gets your car ready to polish. Polishing removes minor scratches in your paint. The final step is to wax your car entirely. This will leave you the showroom finish that you fell in love with when you bought the car.

Don’t sell or trade in your car just because it doesn’t look new anymore. Have your car detailed by a professional detailer. If you want more information on detailing your car, boat, RV or motorcycle, Check Out


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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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