Work With a Slip and Fall Attorney in Las Vegas to Get the Right Amount of Compensation

Posted by , on Jul, 2014

When you shop in a business, you expect to be able to shop safely. In some cases, however, a business may fail to keep the store safe for their customers. A business is required to make sure there is nothing in the aisles for a customer to trip over and that there are no spills on the floor that could cause a customer to slip and fall. For these reasons, any spills on the floor or water from mopping must be clearly marked so that a customer will know to go around them. When a business fails to take these precautions, the customers can fall and become injured.

Falling in a store can lead to serious injuries, especially in the elderly and children. Injuries from a slip and fall accident can range from a minor sprained ankle to a broken ankle or hip. Many times, a customer that has fallen in the store will need to have an ambulance called and will need to visit the hospital immediately. These hospital bills can add up quickly, and when the fall is the result of negligence by the business, the business is responsible for covering those costs.

In many cases, however, the insurance company for the business will either refuse to pay the compensation or will try to settle with a very low amount of money. For this reason, it’s recommended that anyone who suffers a slip and fall injury in a business consults with a Slip and Fall Attorney in Las Vegas before accepting the offer from the insurance company.

The insurance company may cover the immediate medical bills, but they should cover long term medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering as well. An attorney will make sure that their client receives the amount of money necessary to fully recover from the accident.

A Slip and Fall Attorney in Las Vegas is a personal injury lawyer, and most of them operate on a contingency basis. This means that their client does not have to pay the attorney until the attorney wins the case. At that point, the winnings will be part of the settlement offer and will be taken out when the client receives the settlement. Because of this, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney before settling with the insurance agency to make sure that the client receives all the money he or she is entitled to. Visit us on for details.




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Posted by , on Jul, 2014

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