Worcester: Quality You Can Always Trust

Posted by , on Apr, 2016

Reliability, durability and longevity—with all these amazing qualities, there is no need to wonder why Worcester is the trusted name by industries, large and small. Amongst its top-of-the-line products are valves that are crucial for the continuous operation of global companies.

Worcester: The Trusted Name of Different Industries

Worcester’s intelligently engineered products include valves, controls and actuators. These products are integral for the success of petrochemical, rubber and plastic, pulp and paper, plastics, biotechnology, steam and thermal, food and beverage, oil production and pharmaceutical industries. While there may be a lot of makes and models out in the market, Worcester continuous to be the number one choice of companies. Indeed, Worcester has created a big name in the industry where gaining control and modulation is a necessity.

Worcester Valves’ Cutting-Edge Technology

Aside from its patented products, Worcester has also redefined modulation by its metal seat technology. Worcester’s concept basically revolves around retaining simplicity while incessantly embracing change by adapting to new trends. What most people would really love about Worcester is the fact that it was able to combine the simplicity of ball valves with its cutting-edge metal seat technology. This has definitely made a mark in the industry since most companies need highly innovative ideas and products for their automated manufacturing processes. In contrary to conventional valves, Worcester’s metal seat technology is free from all the problems you might possibly encounter when using ordinary valves.

Worcester’s Top-of-the-Line Products

Since 1959, Worcester has been the trusted name of industries that rely heavily on valves that provide highly efficient manipulation and control for the continuous operation of businesses. Its wide array of products includes series 151/301, series 44, series 45, series 51/52, series 94, series 818/828 and a lot more. These series are high quality valves that can be used in differing applications. Hence, it is crucial that you learn more about your specific needs when selecting any valve model. This way, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get the best services possible.

Worcester Valve Maintenance

No matter how high quality the product is, poor maintenance will result to its early deterioration. Hence, it is crucial to go through measures just to make sure that the valves you buy will last. Before installation, the product should be stored indoors. In the like manner, Worcester Valves must be kept away from areas proximal to ozone.

Worcester is definitely one of the leading names in the industry because of its high-end technological solutions. So if you need quality that’s made to last, Worcester is one of your best options.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2016

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