Wool Upholstery: Beautiful, Luxurious and Durable

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When choosing a natural fabric for upholstery, there are many options, including linen, leather, cotton, silk, and wool. For the sofas, chairs, and ottomans in your home that receive heavy use every day, choose wool. With wool upholstery, you do not have to sacrifice beauty or the soft, comfortable feeling you desire for the sturdy fabric you need. Wool upholstery is beautiful, luxurious and durable.

The Look and Feel of Wool

Wool upholstery holds dye very well. Because of this, it is available in many different colors and patterns. Wolf Gordon has several wool upholstery choices, with each coming in a large variety of colors to compliment any décor. Additionally, wool upholstery is very soft and feels extravagant. These pieces of furniture will quickly become the favorites of your family and guests alike. Even though these pieces feel expensive, the durability and ease of care will save you money.


Wool upholstery has several features that lead to its durability. First, its coiled structure acts as a spring which allows it to return to its original shape. Even with heavy use, furniture upholstered in wool will retain its form for many years. It also retains color well. Additionally, wool upholstery is extremely easy to clean. Its anti-static properties keep it cleaner longer, because static attracts dirt, dust, and lint. The structure of the fiber also causes dirt to sit on the surface instead of becoming deeply embedded. A quick pass with the vacuum cleaner periodically will keep your wool upholstery clean. That same structure of the fiber also keeps spills from absorbing into the fabric quickly. This allows for time to blot up the spill before a stain is created.

Other Benefits

Wool upholstery has several other great benefits, too. Do you suffer from allergies? Wool upholstery is hypoallergenic. It is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites, which can trigger allergic reactions and even asthma attacks. Wool upholstery also absorbs harmful pollutants in the air and holds onto them forever. Because it does not re-emit these pollutants, it is estimated that wool upholstery can help purify the air in your home for up to thirty years.

Wool upholstery is naturally flame retardant. Because wool has a high water and nitrogen content, it is very hard to ignite. As a result, wool does not emit the toxic fumes that are often the major cause of death in fires.

Wool upholstery is also environmentally friendly. It takes significantly less energy to produce than synthetic fibers. Its production also produces lower carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, wool fabric can be recycled for many uses, such as insulation. It is also used as an effective compost, because it releases nitrogen-rich nutrients back into the soil.

Wolf Gordon’s wool upholstery is protected by a five-year limited warranty. Order wool samples from Wolf Gordon online today or visit one of our showrooms.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2014

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