Why You Need Cosmic Fog E-Juice Instead of Tobacco

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

You may know every part of the e-cigarette from top to bottom. The part that you enjoy the most is guaranteed to be e-juice. That is because there are so many different types that make vaping more enjoyable than smoking. There are many reasons why e-juices are better than typical cigarette flavors.

The Juices Are Healthier

Typical cigarettes contain tobacco, which has one of the harshest tastes in the world. People tolerate the taste of tobacco to get to the nicotine, an addictive stimulant. They even chew tobacco, but that is rarely recommended because it causes throat and mouth cancers. Most people smoke to avoid having to taste it and place the harmful substance directly in their mouths.

The e-juices from vaporizers are much cleaner and healthier than tobacco, which comes with many negative health effects. Around the world and throughout history, tobacco has caused millions of deaths. People have died from lung cancer, throat cancer, many other types of cancer, emphysema and other types of respiratory illnesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that smoking tobacco causes the greatest number of deaths each year, more than cancer or any other disease. In the past century, this substance has caused over 100 million deaths in both developed and developing countries.

When you buy e-juices, you have the option to buy tobacco and nicotine flavors. However, you can choose from varying amounts of the substances. In cigarettes, you usually cannot choose the amounts you want included.

Vaping provides you with only the minimum amount of tobacco needed. If you are trying to quit smoking, you cannot quit nicotine all at once. You want to start with a high concentration of it and then gradually decrease the amount as you become less addictive. It takes time to quit smoking, and for some people, the time extends into years. Vaping promotes the work that people put into becoming healthier and quitting cigarettes.

The Juices Are More Flavorful

E-cigarette juices come in many more flavors than tobacco. If you walk into a grocery store, imagine every flavor wrapped into a small juice packet. Everything from caffeine to chocolate is manufactured for use in e-cigarettes. Those who like fruits will have every type of fruit to choose from. Brands like Cosmic Fog e-juice are known to contain blended flavors for unique outcomes.

Tobacco is the plainest taste available that is only one option out of many. In the past few decades, e-cig manufacturers have come up with hundreds of different tastes.

It seems like everything from ammonia to formaldehyde is being rolled into cigarettes. These bitter ingredients are not bitter for any reason because they cause all kinds of health problems. Cosmic Fog e-juice has more fruity flavors than tobacco, so safety is guaranteed in each vaporized puff. When you need security and peace of mind, choose e-juices over the more harmful alternatives.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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