Why Use Hand Dryers Instead of Paper Towels

Posted by , on Apr, 2018

Although there are some public restrooms that still use paper towels, it seems to be becoming less and less common these days as electric hand dryers are starting to take over. An air hand dryer can have a lot of benefits over paper towels, so a lot of companies may prefer to have them. Here are some reasons why you should consider dryers instead of paper.

The first and probably most obvious reason to get rid of the paper towels in public restrooms is that can be better for the environment to switch to electric dryers. Not only are there fewer trees being cut down to create a mass number of paper towels for business use, but there could also be less waste being dumped in landfills from the use of these paper towels. Some dryers are made to be energy efficient, as well, to cut down on the number of resources needed to run them.

Another reason to choose an air hand dryer over paper towels is that they can be more sanitary. For paper towel dispensers, you usually have to use your wet hands to pull a lever, although there are some exceptions. However, many hand dryers are automatic, and even the ones that aren’t can easily be turned on with your arm instead of your hands.

The dryers can also be less expensive; instead of buying more paper towels, you are paying for a little more electricity, which is usually cheaper. This can help you save money to use for other purposes.

The final reason to make the switch is that it could be less messy and therefore less of a stress for cleaning staff. People can make messes with paper towels if they miss the trash can or don’t care about cleaning up after themselves. This is especially a problem with children in schools. There may also be the occasional person that dries to flush the paper towels down the toilet, causing a clog or a backup that can make a mess and have to be fixed by a plumber. Overall, paper towels have a lot more potential to make a mess than an electric dryer.

There are a lot of reasons that you may want to switch to an air hand dryer if you are still stuck in the age of paper towels. If you are looking to make a change for your business, this may be an option for you to save money and help the environment, among other potential benefits.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2018

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