Why Updating a Home Security Alarm in Des Moines Matters

Posted by , on Oct, 2015

There is already a security system in place, and it seems to work fine. That means there is no need to consider any type of enhancements. The fact is that while the older system may still function properly, a newer Home Security Alarm in Des Moines could serve the family better. Here are some points to ponder before deciding to leave everything as it is.

Security and Home Networking
A system installed as recently as a decade ago likely did not have the capability of being connected to a home network. What this means is that the home owner does not currently have access to a number of features that are crucial to home security. For example, who has not boarded a plane only to wonder if the back door was locked before everyone left home? When the Home Security Alarm in Des Moines is connected to a home network, a quick check using a smart phone application will be all it takes to confirm that all the doors and windows are locked. If something is unlocked, a couple of touches to the screen will remedy the situation.

Remote Activation and Deactivation
Another point in favour of installing a newer alarm system is the ability to activate and deactivate the system using a remote access. Consider the possibility of being away for a few weeks and the need arises for a trusted friend or neighbour to enter the premises and retrieve something for the owner. Rather than having to hand out security codes, all the client has to do is access the system remotely and turn it off long enough for the neighbour to enter the home, get whatever is needed, and then exit. Once everyone is out of the home again, it will be easy enough to enable the system.

Uploading Data to the Cloud
Storing important data like footage captured by the security cameras is also important. Since cameras can be destroyed by intruders, it makes sense to have a system that is motion activated and immediately uploads captured images to a secure cloud location. Even if the camera is destroyed, the video captured up to that point will be secure and can be made available to the local police.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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