Why The Demand For A Gold Plating Service?

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Traditionally people associate the term gold plating with the jewelry business. A gold plating service implies to most individuals, a company that utilizes a specific procedure to cover a more common metal with gold. It is usually thought of as a decorative rather than a practical approach. Yet, this is not the case. In fact, gold plating is more than just a pretty surface. It is a very functional and useful method sought after for a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

Gold Plating

A gold plating service involves what is prerequisite for any other form of electroplating: a base or substrate metal and an overlay metal. The usual base metal is copper or silver. The overlay is, of course, gold. Gold plating, otherwise known as gold electroplating or gold overlay, requires the employment of a very thin or sometimes thicker layer of gold over the basis metal. The standards for such an overlay may as a minimum be as small as 7 millionths of an inch of 10k.

Gold Plating Service: Providing Practical Solutions

Most people consider gold overlay to be an aesthetic choice. They also know it keeps the cost of jewelry down. It is far cheaper to purchase a gold plated piece than a solid gold one. Yet, in the manufacturing business, the appearance is secondary to the more practical reasons for utilizing a gold plating service.

Gold plating, as is the case with all forms of electroplating, is generally chosen to imbue the base metal with the characteristics of the overlay. A gold plating service:

* Improves the durability of the item
* Helps prevent corrosion
* Imbues hardness
* Provides solderability
* Acts to withstand high-temperature oxidation
* Does not react with other metals
* Provides uniform effective electrical conductivity
* Defies tarnishing from particular chemicals

These are practical reasons why an industry turns to a gold plating service. Admittedly, it does not hurt that the addition of a gold overlay does make the object look more attractive.

Gold Plating Service and Industries

A gold plating service has a number of industries that rely on its ability to electroplate their items. While the jewelry business has always been a mainstay of the gold plating industry, practical applications are found in the following industries:

* Electronics
* Medical
* Telecommunications
* Aerospace

Gold Plating Service

Gold plating provides more than a superficial glamour. It is not simply another pretty face. Gold overlays grant practical and functional characteristics to the metal substrate. They help industries develop and maintain certain high standards in their products. From the aerospace business to telecommunications, a gold plating service exists to help ensure the parts they treat are there for the duration.

From 1983, Professional Plating has provided our clients with specialized industrial metal electroplating services. From copper to Gold Plating Service, we are there to meet the needs and technical demands of our customers. To learn more about who we are and what we can do for your business, contact us online at Proplate.com.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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