Why the Audio City USA Staff Loves Vertini Wheels

Posted by , on Mar, 2015

At Audio City USA, we pride ourselves on being more than just a store. We’re a community of car lovers just like you, and we work hard to curate only the very finest rims and wheel accessories for our customers.

That’s why we always carry a full selection of Vertini wheels in our extensive online shop. This company designs and manufacturers some of the very finest custom wheels available anywhere in the market these days. Over decades, they have proven themselves leaders in the secondary wheel market—and they have the accolades to prove it.

If you have never gotten to experience what it is like to drive in a car with Vertini wheels, you are missing out. The only true way to get that experience is behind the wheel of a car fitted with custom Vertinis. But to give you a little taste of the real thing, we’ve put together this list of what makes these wheels so special.

1. Expert, Timeless Craftsmanship

Not all custom wheels are made the same. In the case of Vertinis, they are simply made better than the other options on the market. These beautiful wheel accessories are made by high-end Italian craftsmen, using state of the art manufacturing techniques that produce precise, durable metal products.

The time and attention that goes into these rims pays off, too. Vertinis are known to last longer than virtually any other wheel on the market. And they keep their luster, so they’ll look as fresh as the day you put them on your car years down the line.

2. High Performance Designs

If you are like us at Audio City USA, you don’t only want rims that look nice. You want a set that actually make your car better by improving its handling, cornering, and acceleration.

Vertinis are known for doing exactly that. These custom-crafted wheels feature metal-sparing designs that will actually reduce the total weight and drag on your vehicle (as compared to factory standard rims). That might not sound like a big deal, but it means that your car will have even more get up and go than it already does. Buckle up, because these wheels are going to supercharge your ride.

3. The Very Best Looks

When it comes right down to it, we like rims because they look good. They make cool cars look even cooler, and no rims are cooler than Vertini wheels. The company is known for its sleek, trendsetting designs. So you know that if you pick up a set of Vertinis today, your car will be looking better than ever in no time.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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