Why Professional Photos Still Matter in the Age of Smartphones

Posted by , on Aug, 2017

It is true that they digital cameras built into smartphones can take high-quality images.  Your phone camera can do a fine job of documenting your family vacation or your child’s birthday party.  There are times, however, when there is no substitute for a professional Photography Session.  Brandon, Florida residents, should hire a professional photographer when the images need to come out close to perfect.

Professional Photography Is Best for Once-in-a-Lifetime Events

Pixel Portraits is best known as a Wedding Photographer, but weddings are not the only occasion so special that they warrant professional photos.  These days, more and more people also hire a Newborn Photographer to document the baby’s first few weeks of life.  Newborn photo sessions work best when the baby is younger than six weeks old.  At this age, the baby is too young to know how to be uncooperative.  The photo sessions can even take place at the family home, much like on-location photo sessions at a wedding.

In the baby’s first two weeks of life, you can even come to the studio for a newborn Photography Session Brandon.  Very young babies are especially receptive to being posed for photographs.

Professional Photographs Make You Look Professional

Headshots are not just for actors.  No matter your line of work, you will present a more professional image is you have a professional portrait.  You can use your professional portrait in your email signature or post it in the employee directory on your company’s web page.  This way, the first impression potential colleagues will have of you is when you are looking your most professional.

Smartphone pictures can look good, but they do not approach perfection the way that professional photographs do.  If you want to make a lasting good impression, professional photography is the way to go.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2017

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