Why It Pays to Use a Mobile Paper Shredding Company

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

Responsibly disposing of printed documents is a must in today’s business world. Rather than leaving proprietary information in the trash can just waiting for someone to steal it, it makes sense to use services provided by a Mobile Paper Shredding Company. Here are a few of the reasons why this approach is such a good idea.

Documents Shredded on Site

The nice thing about a Mobile Paper Shredding Company is that they come to the client rather than the other way around. The crew can set up in a location that is convenient and begin the process of turning all those unwanted documents into tiny bits of paper that no one could possibly reassemble. Since the work is done at the site of the customer, there is no question about what is being shredded, when it was destroyed, and if anyone could possibly use that information in a manner that would hurt the client.

Convenient to Schedule

Companies offering this type of support work with clients to set up schedules that are convenient. For some clients, one visit a week will be enough to dispose of all those printed documents. Larger clients may need the service to show up more frequently. There are even provisions for clients who may only need help a couple of times each month.

Responsible Recycling of the Used Paper

Most shredding companies offer the option of hauling the shredded documents away. If the client does not want to keep the shreds to use as packing materials, the shredding service will typically transport them to a local recycling centre. This means that nothing ends up going to a landfill, which in turn protects the environment. The client can feel good knowing that he or she is doing the responsible thing and the old paper will serve some new purpose.

For business owners who like the idea of working with a shredding service, call the team at Shred Confidential today. After a short discussion, the first appointment will be set and the client can try and evaluate the services. From there, it will be easy to arrange a more permanent working relationship.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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