Who Do You Call for Appliance Recycling?

Posted by , on Jun, 2016

Getting new appliances is grand but who do you call for appliance recycling for your old appliances? Some companies will haul off your old appliances for a nice hefty fee, but who wants to pay a large fee to recycle appliances when you have already had to pay for the new appliances? Of course it is also a rarity to even be offered the services to begin with.

What Do You Do?

You know that appliances cannot wind up in the landfill. You know that you cannot keep old appliances laying around the property so you are well aware of the problems. What you do is call a company that can come and get your old appliances for recycling! It is an easy answer that will ease your mind and get rid of the rubbish for you.

Recycling Appliances

Your old appliances may not work up to par but they still have some parts that can be recycled which of course means they do not need to wind up in the landfill. Recycling old appliances is very important because:

  • They can provide useful materials

  • They will have less of an impact on the environment

  • You can keep toxins out of the environment

Appliances still have useful materials that can be used in the production of other goods. Reducing your impact on the environment can be as simple as calling a reliable service to come and get your old appliances. You can reduce your carbon footprint by taking this very simple step.


In the case of refrigeration systems there are some chemicals (Freon) that is used in some models that can be toxic to the environment. If these appliances wind up in the landfill they can cause ground water danger.

HC Metals can easily help you to recycle your appliances! Get in touch with them today!

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Posted by , on Jun, 2016

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