Where to Find Plastic OEM Parts in New York

Posted by , on Mar, 2017

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on precision-made plastic parts, which are typically produced by plastic injection molding. The process of plastic injection molding is generally straightforward, involving different types of thermoplastics. The types of thermoplastics may include polymers, resins, and other materials that can be heated and then molded to the customer’s specifications. Those specifications will depend on the OEM product that is ultimately needed. Given that so much of what we use in our daily lives is made from some type of plastic material, our imagination can roam free to consider what types of products of all sizes and shapes can be made using the plastic injection molding methods. OEM producers rely on companies like IFA Associates in New York, because it takes a specialist in plastic injection molding to create the target products.

As an OEM manufacturer myself, I have used a number of different sources for my products but in New York, the best company by far for plastic injection molding is IFA Associates. The company has been around a long time, but more importantly, they specialize in precision and detailed items, which is why they are the industry favorite for the medical tools and technology sector. Any OEM product that needs to be so precise as to have life or death results can be trusted to IFA Associates, so that means you can trust them too, with whatever OEM product or project that you have in mind.

Even if you are not located in New York, you can work with IFA Associates by submitting your designs to the staff via CAD or similar files. The design team can then work with you in developing your OEM parts, which can later make your products perfect and help you grow your business and continue pleasing your customers.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2017

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