What You Should Know About Embassy Legalization

Posted by , on Feb, 2018

It comes as a surprise to many people that moving to a new country involves a slightly more extensive process than simply getting your passport arranged. In many cases, you’ll also have to secure embassy legalization, which can be a complicated process in itself if you are unprepared. This is most commonly required for countries that are not affiliated with the Hague Convention, such as Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, UAE and Brazil. The good news is once you know what embassy legalization is and what it entails, this process can be rendered into something much more simple. Keep reading to learn more about this important step to moving abroad.

Defining ‘Embassy Legalization’

In the briefest terms, embassy legalization can be considered to be something of a “seal of approval.” When you undergo the embassy legalization process, you essentially will be gathering an assortment of identifying legal documents, such as your birth certificate, marriage license and et cetera, in order to have them verified by various levels of the US government. Once this is done, the embassy of your future country of residence will also approve your documents as legal under their jurisdiction, allowing you the ability to live there and be protected by their laws.

How It Works

First, you must gather all qualifying, identifying legal documents and credentials. This typically includes:

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage licenses

  • Diplomas

  • Court orders

Once these documents are all found and collected, you should then have them sent to the Secretary of State for your specific home state. They will then provide their signature, completing the first step of the embassy legalization process. At this point, you will move on to getting national certification from a DC official. Just like in your home state, the national official will also sign your documents. From there you should send your documents to the embassy of whatever country you are planning to move to.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2018

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