What You Need to Know About Topsoil

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Before talking to a topsoil supplier in Utica, NY, it is good to understand some things about the top layer of soil. Topsoil is used to refer to the uppermost layer of soil. It is high in nutrients and important for outdoor plots. Here are a few of the most important basics.

Why is it Necessary?

The upper level of soil is key to helping plants thrive due to its high nutrient content. It can be used if the present soil is poor. Another time to order from a topsoil supplier in Utica, NY is when planting new plants in an area where there is no soil, or it is older or depleted of nutrients.

Where is Topsoil Used?

The nutrient rich soil is useful for garden areas, especially if the soil is in poor condition. When new houses are constructed, there is usually a new layer placed on top. It can also be used for these purposes:

· To cover the ground

· To create new plant beds

· To create borders inside a garden area

· To sow grass seeds

· To lay turf

Three Types of Topsoil

When speaking to a topsoil supplier in Utica, NY, three different types may be discussed.

· Economy grade is a cheaper variety and may be used in areas to build up volume.

· General purpose grade is used for making new borders, create new beds, or as a top dressing for a lawn. It is often used to create a good base for sowing a new lawn.

· Premium grade is more expensive and can be highly fertile. It is often used for creating entire new beds for plants or flowers. Sometimes, it is mixed in with compost to use for container plants.

Discuss specific needs and plans with a topsoil supplier in Utica, NY. As a professional, they can ensure the right types are used for area being covered.

Before you order topsoil for your next gardening or landscaping project, visit the Material, Sand and Gravel website to explore your options.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2018

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