What is The Purpose of E-liquid?

Posted by Zoe geoffrion , on Aug, 2015

E-liquid is an interesting product that has been on the market for the past seven years. It is the liquid nicotine that is used in some types of electronic cigarettes. Customers, who must be over the age of eighteen, can find it in many different flavors, such as pound cake, milk, sinful, strawberry clouds, and banana cream. There are over twenty manufacturers of E-liquid, including TRUE, Boardwalk vapors, NicQuid, and Five Pawns. Electronic cigarettes are tobacco and smoke-free that utilize heated water vapor to deliver inhaled doses of nicotine. They are a less offensive alternative to tobacco because there is no second-hand smoke to harm non-smokers.

The use of electronic cigarettes is on the rise since more and more places are prohibiting cigar and cigarette smoking. The vapor produces a similar sensation to smoking, and the user gets the oral gratification. The nicotine is in liquid form and is used to refill cartridges and add flavors. People use it as a way to reduce their dependency on tobacco, quit smoking altogether, or use them in places they cannot smoke regular cigarettes. It is a bit healthier and about half the cost of tobacco, but nicotine addiction still has many risks. Nicotine can be lethal in small doses. It is important to measure out the liquid with a syringe or dropper. One tablespoon of nicotine is enough to kill the average adult.

The liquid can be purchased in stores that carry electronic cigarettes and supplies, like The Vaporium, and online. In addition to the nicotine, other accessories are needed, such as batteries, battery chargers, coils, and atomizers. Starter kits are available for those who have never tried electronic cigarettes. There are different types and not all use liquid nicotine. Some use replacement cartridges, others use small glass pro-tanks, and some are disposable. Customers need to pay attention and get the supplies that go with their particular kind of electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so there is no quality control or oversight agency for the manufacturing of cartridges, liquid nicotine, and other supplies. All ingredients are not listed on some of the nicotine products available. To see their business reviews visit BBB page.

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Posted by Zoe geoffrion , on Aug, 2015

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