What Is Hastelloy C276 Foil Used For?

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Hastelloy is a series of alloys developed by Haynes International. The Hastelloy family is typically classified by its high amount of transitional nickel. Because of the high nickel content, they tend to be very corrosion resistant, making them perfect for a variety of different applications. There are actually twenty-two different metals in the Hastelloy family, but c276 is one of the most popular.

What Does It Do?

The entire Hastelloy field in general, and C276 specifically, are known for use in high-stress, high temperature environments that are slightly to severely corrosive. They’re also used in erosion-prone areas where other more common metals would not be appropriate. It’s such a high stress metal that it is used in many different kinds of chemical reactors and distillation equipment throughout the chemical industry. It’s so reliable that it is often used in nuclear reactors. One of the most important aspects of its nature is its resiliency; Hastelloy C276 foil does not degrade due to being handled and fabricated. In fact, you can even improve its corrosion resistance with some processing.

Most Common Uses

Hastelloy C276 is one of the most common and useful of the Hastelloy family of alloys. Due to its excellent resistance to corrosion across a wide range of corrosive elements, it has steadily grown in popularity since it was introduced.

Sulphur compounds and chloride ions are particularly damaging to metal, causing pitting, cracking, and corroding. However, C276 avoids this excellently. It can even withstand wet chlorine gas and chlorine dioxide, some of the most corrosive chemicals in common use. Because of this incredible resistance, it is widely used for seawater applications.

Obviously seawater is not nearly as corrosive as some harsh chemicals, but sea water applications tend to involve longer exposure to the mild corrosive saltwater. Eventually, that long exposure will result in pitting and corroding. Hastelloy C276 foil can protect your project even with long exposure to the ocean.

The alloy is commonly used for pulp and paper production applications, waste and wastewater treatment, chemical processing applications, and pollution control. Marine engineering applications are quite common as well. The chemical compounds in waste and the compounds used to treat waste can both be very corrosive.

Where Do You Get It?

You should make sure you buy your Hastelloy C276 foil from a reputable dealer. It can be quite a pricey metal, and you need it for very essential functions. That is why it is so important to make sure you’re buying it from a reputable source. If you’re not getting the right mix of metals, you could end up with a serious problem down the line. Make sure you thoroughly vet your supplier before you make your purchase.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2016

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