What Is Flagstone? What Does It Mean?

Posted by , on Mar, 2017

Next time you walk up a nice driveway or admire the view from a patio, look down at your feet. You might be stepping on flagstone. Flagstone is one of the most common elements used in exterior and interior design. Yet what most people don’t know is how diverse the varieties of flagstone there are and how easy it can be to install. If you are renovating or creating a new addition to your home or business in New Jersey, consider your options for flagstone varieties in colors and textures that fit in with the rest of the surroundings.

At somewhere like New Jersey Gravel and Sand, you can find a number of different types of flagstone products, from smooth to richly textured. The different types of flagstone can be cut to order, and are shaped specifically to your needs. Imagine an unfinished patio or walkway and then compare it to one that is finished in flagstone—the difference can be astounding. If you are gearing up to entertain guests on your patio this summer, consider what flagstone can do to spruce up your space. The simple addition of flagstone can change the look and feel of your patio, walkway, or home with very little work.

Flagstone is not an actual type of stone like granite or quartz, but flagstone can be made with different sedimentary rocks. Some of the most common flagstones are made of sandstone, limestone, travertine, slate, and basalt, but there are other options depending on your taste and budget. Almost all can be rendered flat and smooth from sawing, sandblasted, or made with natural cleft, which offers a bumpy texture you might have noticed in many architectural details.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2017

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