What Is Aluminum Dip Brazing?

Posted by , on May, 2016

Aluminum dip brazing a process used to join two pieces of metal using a molten metal binder or filler. The actual process consists of heating the area where the join will take place to a temperature which is greater than the melting point of the filler metal but lower than the melting point of the metal which is to be joined. The filler metal flows into the gap left between the two pieces. Upon cooling, the bond between the two pieces of metal is remarkably strong, often stronger than the properties of the actual metals that were bonded.

Aluminum dip brazing differs from other methods of joining metal inasmuch as the temperature of the joint is not raised to the point where the metal melts; hence there is no distortion or change in the metallurgical properties.

Leak tight joint:

When metal is joined using the aluminum dip brazing process the joints are leak proof, this is true regardless of the number of joints or the thickness of the material being joined.

Aluminum dip brazing has numerous advantages over other means of joining metal. When it comes to strength, control and flexibility it is by far superior to mechanical or adhesive bonding, soldering or welding.


During the dip brazing process the filler material is drawn into the joint between the metal by capillary action. Any joint, from the simplest to the most complex will have strength characteristics equal to or better than the characteristics of the base material. The joint can have temper restored by heat treating.

Minimum distortion:

Distortion of the base material is often a problem when the join is made by welding or soldering, this is not the case when the join is made by dip brazing. The materials to be joined are brought up to the correct temperature to melt the filler material and then allowed to cool evenly; this eliminates distortion and makes joining metal of different thicknesses possible.

There are many Aluminum Dip Brazing Companies in the market today. Hi-Temp Brazing Inc. is an industry leader, NADCAP accredited for 12 years in all requirements of aluminum dip brazing and related services.

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Posted by , on May, 2016

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