What Goes into Making Beef Jerky?

Posted by , on Jun, 2018

Beef jerky is a delicious snack that millions of people enjoy each year, which has led some to wonder how it’s made. It’s simply a curiosity, and one that this article is happy to address. With that said, if you are curious about the creation of beef jerky in Columbus GA, even if you have no intention of making it yourself, here are the most important steps taken to manufacture this famous snack.

Step 1. Preparing the meat
The meat used to make beef jerky will usually be either ground or whole muscle beef, but can also be pork, turkey, and many more forms. Whichever is used, the first step is removing the bones, connective tissue, and fat, also known as treating the meat. This is done these days through a variety of industrial devices that make this process go by exponentially faster than in previous years. After that, the meat is put through a series of other processes designed to remove all foreign entities from the meat that could prove potentially harmful to the human body upon ingestion. Finally, it’s put on a conveyor belt, where a line of workers inspect the meat one last time to make sure it’s safe.

Step 2. Curing solution
Whilst step 1 is being undertaken, the curing solution is prepared. This is done, as most factory-made solutions are these days, via a large mixing tank with mixing blades inside stirring the solution until it’s just right. The ingredients to this solution, barring whatever a specific brand may add for that personal touch, includes water, salt, seasonings, and other miscellaneous materials that add up into the solution. Finally, the solution is heated until it’s ready for use.

Step 3. Processing and curing
The final step, to abridge what is otherwise a long, delicate process, includes cutting/grinding the meat into edible chunks. The meat is then dipped into a vat of the now mixed curing solution just long enough for the solution to penetrate the meat without contaminating it. Afterwards, it’s tenderized via a tumbling device. Finally, when all is said and done, the meat is sliced one last time into thin strips and cooked to perfection.

It’s always fascinating to know how our favorite treats are made, especially when we don’t have the means to easily cook it ourselves. If you want the best beef jerky in the area, look no further than Stripling’s General Store. Stripling’s tried and true, authentic formula has been making people lifetime customers for decades.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2018

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