What Can Family/Friends Do to Encourage Victims of Drunk Driving Down a Healthier Path?

Posted by , on Nov, 2015

The last thing many victims of drunk driving feel like doing is building a strong and powerful case against the person that hurt them because they may feel anxious, scared and physically exhausted.
At some point, friends and family may suggest they take legal action. There is a transition from trying to heal physically and making proactive steps towards justice. Below are three tips for assisting victims of drunk driving towards a means to bring justice and emotional healing to a terrible situation.

Encourage a Hobby
A distraction is always nice in these times: a manageable hobby through the healing process is great towards encouraging them to step towards the life they had before the accident. Hobbies in the hospital, such as reading, are great ways to manage the seemingly limitless hours in those sterile walls.
It does not have to be a specific hobby though, one can encourage them in any way and promote an air of positivity. Even if the victims are wallowing and feeling the pain, small kind words help in small ways.

Research a Case
Some victims may only need the small fuse lit to begin down a legal path, and a friend can be a great opening for that. Friends can do a bit of online surface research to find a reputable law firm in the area or statistics so that he victim can feel that they are not alone at all; it can make all the difference.

Set Up a Meeting
There is no obligation. Friends can encourage a victim to simply set up a meeting with an attorney, who can offer his or her unbiased view of the situation and bring in a new perspective that family and friends may be unable to. They may not take action but, at the very least, they have a new voice.

Everyone lives at a different pace and it may take months for someone to be prepared to make a case. Visit the website to search around, find some information on DUI cases and become comfortable with the idea. It may only be a matter of time until one is ready to take these significant steps.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2015

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