What Can Be Expected in Damages Recovered Through a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Spokane, WA?

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A wrongful death is tragic and avoidable, and that is what makes it twice as heartbreaking. A wrongful death case is pursued if the person who died has family involved and the reason for the death was negligence.

Wrongful death damages can be paid out in two ways, and it is usually the wrongful death lawyer in Spokane, WA who will determine which type of approach will garner the largest reward and have the greatest effect on success. The first approach is direct and is based on the timeframe of when the incident occurred and upon the death of the individual. The second approach looks at damages incurred by a family member or members because of the individual’s death.

Damages from the Incident

The damages in this category will generally span a short period of time. It is also a situation that is usually applied when an individual passes away days or, potentially, weeks after the incident originally occurred. The damages focus on this timeframe, for example, a car accident case following wrongful death will include any expenses incurred from the car accident until the death, such as loss wages from family members being in the hospital, medical expenses, and anything else. The expenses in this category are usually easily measured.

Damages by Proxy

There is no timeframe attached to the second category deployed by a wrongful death lawyer in Spokane, WA. The main concept of this strategy is to compensate the family for any damages they incurred through lost personal wages, lost family income, emotional stress, etc.

One of the main damages is any working income lost because of the death of an individual. Families live on tight budgets, and the result of that lost income could have catastrophic effects. All of that is included in any arrangement, such as moving costs associated with day-to-day care to other expenses that relate to that one incident.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2015

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