What Are The Benefits Of Knowing Your Visitor Count

Posted by , on Nov, 2016

Traffic is likely to fluctuate in any business, but that also means that profits may wane and it’s important to understand what affects the traffic. While sales reports and walk-arounds can help somewhat, visitor count is a better system for determining when you have customers and where. Besides getting to know how visitors you’re getting per day, it is also a good idea to know how much your business is worth.


Knowing that customers are in the store is helpful, but knowing where they are (which department) or which area can also be useful. If you see an influx of people at the jewelry counter, they may be doing a demonstration or have lowered prices. Understanding where customers are in the store is just as important as knowing that they’re there, which is why a visitor count solution is helpful, according to Andrew B. Clarkson of ABC Law in Utah.


It’s also helpful to know what attracts customers and a visitor count can also help with this situation, as well. For example, if you have 15 people in the grocery department but only have two or three in the clothing aisle, it can help you determine that more people purchase groceries from your location, at least right now. Plus, you can keep all these statistics and put them into a graph or chart, showing you which days people are more interested in groceries versus other products. Then, you can look for outside influences, such as people getting paid, sales about to end, and the like.


Visitor count solutions aren’t just to tell you that people are in the store. It can also help you determine how long clients are staying inside by using sensors and software algorithms.


The benefits of such are numerous and include optimizing your spending on products that you know will sell, compare various locations that you own, assess changes and why they happen, as well as improve customer service. For more information visit CountWise.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2016

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