Wet Blasting and Dry Blasting

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Media blasting is a process which is used in order to remove paint and rust from different surfaces. It can be similar to sandpapering other than it is much more efficient and potent. The two methods which are the most commonly used are dry sandblasting and wet abrasive blasting. This article is going to discuss the two in more detail so you can understand which is going to work the best for your project.

Wet Blasting

The first type we will discuss is wet abrasive blasting. This is the one which is the most common when it comes to stripping surfaces. For the most part, the wet blasting machine will use a high powered stream of water which is then mixed with some form of abrasives. You might find glass beads, plastics, or sand depending on the project. Wet blasting is often used in order to remove graffiti from an area or to strip off old paint which does not like to go away. The abrasives which come with this method are going to make it so the surface is rough. This is done on purpose because it allows for a surface which is cleaner as well as able to take in the paint which you are using compared to a smooth surface.

Dry Blasting

Dry blasting is not used much anymore and in some areas you will have to get special permission in order to use it. Dry blasting is pretty much the same as the wet abrasive blasting other than it will use air which is highly pressurized rather than using the water. This dry process is considered to be more dangerous compared to the wet abrasive blasting because the air is going to be like a fine and continuous shotgun blast. When you are using this blasting technique you are doing it because you want to get rust from a metal surface. You will need to wear the right kind of equipment for this blasting because it is possible to inhale some small shards of steel or glass filaments which are used as the abrasives in this method.

Where you can get Media Blasting Supplies

Media blasters use different abrasives specialized for particular tasks. Most people wont know which type is right for them. Luckily there are companies who provide these abrasives which can help to guide you. Professional media blasting supply companies, such as opti-blast, can recommend just the right type of abrasive to clean and strip any surface you need to get ready for painting or restoration. For your next project, consider using media blasting for your prep work.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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