Web Design Trends to Avoid Going Forward

Posted by , on Dec, 2016

In as much as trend predictions help the average web designer get ahead of the competition, not all of them often pan out as anticipated. If you are looking for the best web design companies in Denver, look for those whose experts know what to follow, and what to avoid. Here are some of the trends that web designers must be wary of going onto the near future.

The Hamburger Menu

With mobile becoming more popular, designers found a way to simplify navigation, hiding everything under the Hamburger Menu. This trend also found its way into desktop versions of websites. There is an appeal to it, things are sleeker and cleaner, and most people are familiar with the designs. However, it is not a style that works uniformly for every site. It can affect discoverability, and can be particularly harmful for Business Website Design, where discoverability is central to the user experience.


Carousels have become the norm today, and are found in almost every front page. They reduce website clutter and add some visual interest, but they have been so overused that they make sites look like cookie cutter. Here are some of the disadvantages of carousels;

  *    They affect site SEO negatively
*    They push content further down below the fold
*    They affect website performance
  *    They tend to be inaccessible, especially when there are very many to address

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a technique where the background and foreground scroll at different speeds, effectively creating the illusion of depth. While this can be used to good effect, it is debatable whether it improves the user interface. Parallax scrolling poses issues for the SEO, has the potential to reduce performance and can sometimes affect users negatively. Studies have found that some users experience motion sickness and significant usability issues when using a parallax site.

Load Screens

Surveys indicate that users tend to bolt from sites that take any longer than ten seconds to load. Complex load screens might have been attractive in the past, but they no longer have an active place in website design. The best load screens are simplistic and creative, and most importantly, load in as little time as possible.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2016

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