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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

Was it an omen? We read one news report here at Rdk.com that said a garbage truck had been repaired four times in one week before it was involved in an unfortunate crash – one which took the life of a child. If the owner of the truck had secured his refuse truck parts from a reliable dealer and had the truck repaired by the same dealer, a tragedy might have been avoided. After all, we can only assume that one of the mechanics or technicians was not paying much attention to what needed to be done, given that the truck was sent back time and again for repair.

Truck Part Wear-and-Tear

Here at Rdk.com, we provide OEM truck parts of high quality at an affordable price. Because garbage trucks can operate in severe climates and conditions and are constantly stopping and starting, refuse truck parts can corrode over time. Therefore, you cannot take the purchase of garbage truck parts or garbage truck repair lightly.

Competitive Rates for Parts

If you are seeking premium refuse truck parts then, we here at Rdk.com, can assist you finding a solution. We supply such unique vehicle parts as wedge cables, winch bars and twin lever air controls. Therefore, we have a multitude of OEM refuse truck parts in stock. We offer competitive rates on the parts as well.

Choosing the Right Truck for Your Business

If you are looking for a dependable garbage truck for your waste management business as well, we can assist with the purchase. If you find that you are spending too much time buying garbage truck parts, it probably is time to trade your current truck for a new garbage truck. We provide front loader garbage trucks for commercial garbage pick-up as well as garbage trucks that feature rear loader and side loader designs. We, at Rdk.com, can easily assist you in finding the right garbage truck for your specific needs and purposes.

We Will Keep Your New Garbage Truck in Tip-top Form

Besides supplying you with needed truck parts or helping you with your purchase of a garbage truck, we at Rdk.com can also assist you in maintaining a new refuse or roll-off vehicle.

Keeping these kinds of trucks running smoothly takes the experience and expertise of a well-qualified dealer and mechanic group. Fortunately, when you contact us here at Rdk.com for your mechanic repair needs, we can easily oblige.

Allow Us to Assist You in Your Refuse Truck and Part Buying Needs

While many cities do not make garbage truck service a priority, delaying the service can end up being a safety issue or costly repair. Therefore, we, at http://rdk.com/product-category/garbage-truck-parts/, emphasize that garbage truck companies and municipalities schedule routine preventative maintenance and repair.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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