Water Installation In Jacksonville FL: Fixing Water Heaters Problems

Posted by , on Mar, 2015

Before using water heaters, always make sure that it is working well. If you are heating water and you find out that after two hours the water is not hot, it could be that your water heater is not getting electrical power. You can check for power using simple circuit tester but for a complete diagnosis you need a meter voltage. Before checking for power, you must turn off the circuit breaker marked water heater. After that, carefully remove the water heaters upper access panel, plastic, insulation cover and identify power supply wires.

After that, turn the circuit breaker on to check for the voltage. The water heater will indicate the voltage it needs and if it is not getting the right voltage you need a technician from Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL company to fix your electrical problem. The circuit breaker is turned off, and the access panel, plastic, and insulation covers replaced. If it has the correct voltage and still not working, it could be that the heating element is burnt out. This is caused by, not putting water until it is full before turning the power on. Therefore after replacement you must make sure that the tank is full before it is turned on.

There are some new heaters that will produce some hot water but not as hot as you need it or as fast as it should be. In this case, you are supposed to read safety notices ad instructions about temperature adjustment and set temperature of not more than 120 voltage. This is because high temperature increases the risks of scaling injuries.

Other reasons water may not heat enough is a too small heater or because your usage has increased. Water drips out of the discharge pipe indicates that the pressure is too high, or you need to replace a thermal expansion tank. When water pressure is higher than normal, consult experts in Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL for checking and adjustments.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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