Walk in Beer Caves, Design Tips in California

Posted by , on Jun, 2018

There is a rapidly growing trend in the convenience store business to install walk in beer caves. New stores, and those undergoing renovation, are including beer caves because it has been proven in California that they are a key factor in increasing the sales of chilled beverages. Many design approaches can be taken to differentiate one from another. When designing the beer cave for your store, a few things can make a big difference.

Walk-in Door

The type of walk-in door that is specified and used makes a big difference. It is the entrance to your beer cave. It is usually the first thing that anyone sees when he or she walks through the front door of the store. The secret to a successful beer cave, one that drives beverage sales is visibility. The bigger the doors, the better the product can be presented. To complement the looks of modern stores, manufacturers of walk-in beer caves have developed black frame doors that “disappear” when lit with LED directional lighting.


Signage has one role, to attract attention. To do this, it must be bright, clean, and inviting. Beer suppliers are great for providing “freebies.” Do not use this material to clutter the entrance to your beer cave. This material has its place, but the key to successful promotion is not clutter, it is simplicity.


The interior of your beer cave must be kept well stocked and neat. The best walk in beer caves has six or seven shelves. This arrangement allows plenty of space for customers to move around and makes it easy to identify the product.

The food and beverage industry spend a fortune each year on product packaging and promotion. The more visible and accessible the products are to customers, the more the customer is bound to spend.

Walk in beer caves make a big impact on store volume and revenue. For information on how a beer cave can help you, contact TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction in California.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2018

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