Vertical Garden In Melbourne: Why Consider

Posted by , on Jul, 2017

Traditionally, gardens are grown in the ground, which can look beautiful, but takes up a lot of space. Many homeowners in Melbourne don’t have the time or room to have such a thing, but a vertical garden could be an alternative.

With these, you grow the plants up a wall or on an incline, which takes up less room and still allows you to grow almost anything you want. You can use it as a privacy screen or just another way to grow plants and vegetables. You can also increase accessibility because they will be easier to reach, perfect for those who can’t kneel or bend over for extended periods.

When considering a vertical garden for your Melbourne home, it is best to find the company you want to work with first. They should offer a few options that are intricate in design and unique. For example, you may want something that offers straight up-and-down holes where you plant things or something that’s more abstract and artsy. It should be made with the finest materials and should be crafted on-site so that you know you’re getting the best.

At Entanglements, you have two interesting choices when it comes to such gardens. The hexagon trellis is the abstract one and is easy to install and maintain. You also have a variety of options to consider, such as how many brackets you want, and it can come with pot holders. The porthole version offers ten holes where small plants can be placed, ensuring that you have something beautiful and easy to manage. Use either option to create a full green wall or just place one or two strategically along the walls to create a vertical garden for your Melbourne home that will look good, be exciting, and allow gardening for almost anyone.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2017

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