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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

Renovating or upgrading a home or a commercial property is a wonderful way to add value and save yourself the need for a complete move. It also gives you the freedom to design the interior of the home or office just the way you want. However, finding a place to keep all your possessions during the work may require the use of a

Most people, when plastorage service in Memphis. nning for a renovation, choose to use a self-storage service in Memphis to keep their items short term. There can be some serious issues with this option, many which end up costing the homeowner more than they anticipated.

Finding Space

It isn’t uncommon for popular self-storage service in Memphis to have waiting lists for their units, especially the smaller units. This may delay your ability to start your renovation or leave you with piles of boxes and furniture in the other rooms in your home.

With moving company storage service in Memphis, this will not be an issue. These companies have hundreds of thousands of feet of warehouse style storage, all with personalized vaults, racking systems and all the room you need to store as much or as little as required.


When booking storage service in Memphis through a professional moving company facility security is not something you will need to be concerned about. These storage solutions will provide state of the art security including video surveillance round the clock, fire detection and suppression systems, and full maintenance of the facility.

Your items will be safe and secure, and they will also be padded, wrapped and carefully packed into your vault to eliminate the risk of damage.

With self-storage, there is rarely any security other than card or code locks and perhaps staff on site during regular business hours. In many of these facilities, there is no control over who is or is not allowed on the property, which is something to consider when making a choice.

For small or large storage needs, the storage service in Memphis offered by a well-known national or international moving company should always be your first consideration. These facilities are set up for long or short term storage, and there is no minimum requirement, so you don’t end up paying on a contract lasting longer than the storage time you need.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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