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Posted by , on Aug, 2015

There was a time when speaking to large groups of people meant essentially shouting at the top of your lungs to be heard over the crowd sounds and whatever other ambient noise was in the area. Fortunately, technology has offered a few solutions to this problem. Among the most versatile and useful solutions are powered Speaker Monitor . They have the versatility to not only project your voice but also amplify sound from a computer or other electronic device and they can be incorporated into an overall audio system.


The thing that powered Speaker Monitor was actually designed for is presentations. Rather than making a large group of people huddle around a computer to hear the audio portion of a Powerpoint presentation, these speakers can blast out the audio to the whole crowd. When a microphone is added, the person giving the presentation can add his own voice at the same level of the computer sound, or a different one, if they so choose.

These speakers work for different types of presentations as well. They can be used in classrooms, boardrooms or even outdoor venues. They are portable enough to be set up in trade show booths, boats or tents.


Similar to presentations, at a meeting, speakers can help to let a group of people sit back in comfort and listen to any recorded audio they may need to hear for the meeting. The speakers also help in teleconferencing via the web, amplifying the voice of someone checking in from even thousands of miles away to make it feel like they’re in the same room.


There are two major musical uses for powered Speaker Monitors. First off, for a professional musician who does computer editing of his or her music or who uses computers to enhance or create distinct sounds, the speaker is a necessity. It allows the musician to play music at a high enough level to evaluate it properly and mix it correctly with other sounds and instruments for performance or recording. The other musical use for a powered monitor speaker is to allow someone to play music from their computer to a large audience, whether from a website or a personal MP3 collection.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2015

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