Understanding the Broker Licenses Available in Utah

Posted by , on Nov, 2014

Utah Real Estate Broker Schools provide you with a number of options to upgrade your real estate agent license and advance your career as a broker. You can choose the license that will help you meet your career goals and even choose to upgrade in the future as your career aspirations change. Here is an overview of three types of broker’s licenses to help you decide which one is right for you:

  • Associate Broker: To become an associate broker you can complete the required number of transactions, get the additional education and continue to work in a real estate office under the supervision of a branch and principal broker. This is the perfect license if you are looking to increase your credibility as it demonstrates you have furthered your education as well as have more experience closing transactions than your competitors. It gives you an edge and can also position you above the average sales agent in most real estate offices.
  • Branch Broker: As a branch broker you will be able to manage a branch office. This is great for advancement and can increase your earning power substantially as well.  This provides you with a management position without the added responsibility of owning a brokerage.
  • Principal Broker: As a principal broker you will have the choice of managing a real estate firm for another broker or managing your own real estate company. You need a minimum of 60 experience points acquired five years prior to taking your course to get your broker licensing.

At this time, in order to get a broker license you will have to complete an approved educational program of 120 hours. The course must cover:

  • 45 hours of Broker Principles
  • 45 hours of Broker Practices
  • 30 hours of Utah Law

Once you decide what path will suit your career goals you can speak to Utah real estate broker schools like – RealEstateOnlineLearning.com to find a course that meets your needs. Your course will take a number of weeks to complete and will allow you to get set on a new an exciting career still focused on your real estate career. You can also elect to start out with your Associate Broker license and upgrade once you have the experience you need under you belt to own or manage your own real estate office.

In fact, now is the perfect time to look into your broker license as the course hours required presently are just 120 hours. This amount is scheduled to be increased in the near future in Utah.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2014

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