Unclog Your Drains With Drain Cleaning in Oklahoma City

Posted by , on Mar, 2015

Homeowners rarely give more than a passing thought to the pipes and sewer lines hidden under the floors and behind the walls of their home. Then one morning while taking a shower, they find themselves standing ankle-deep in soapy water. Or worse, those same pipes suddenly back up spewing raw sewage in places it should not be, like your newly finished basement. Fortunately, there is help for the homeowner in need of Drain Cleaning in Oklahoma City.

Drain problems, whether they are slow running, completely clogged or emitting a foul odor, are symptoms of a specific problem. Signs you may have a drain problem include multiple plumbing fixture backups, or the toilet starts percolating like a coffee pot when the washing machine is finished running. Toilets have the largest drain line in the home and also the most direct path to the sewer. Rarely will there be a clog in the main sewer line without affecting the toilet’s function. Sometimes, a pipe will freeze or break, even underground.

Often times, the homeowner’s first choice to try fixing the clog is to pour a bottle of drain cleaner down the offending pipe. With luck the liquid drain cleaner might be the correct solution, but if it not, you and your pipes would be best served with the help of a professional plumber uniquely qualified in Drain Cleaning in Oklahoma City. Surely the plumber’s version of liquid drain cleaner will be more powerful than anything you can purchase and in addition, will be better suited for the materials from which your pipes are constructed.

In instances of major clogs, like those caused by tree roots, the plumber may need to use an auger. Professional pipe augers extend for dozens of feet and are significantly more powerful than what the average homeowner has (if he even has one). These are just a few examples of how better qualified a professional plumber is than the average homeowner at solving drain issues.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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