Types of ID Badge Reels

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Id Badge Reels have a retractable cylinder that allows you to draw the badge in and out. They are a convenient way to present an employee ID card and an ID at events when entry requires electronic badge readers. By wearing a retractable reel, the badge offers easy access for close-up scanning without removing it.

Standard Badge Reels
ID badge reels are available in a variety of shapes, colors, styles, and badge attachment options.
For attachment options, you can select from:
Belt Clip: clip is easy to get on and off with no damage to clothing
Spring Clip (“alligator clip”): easily clips to clothing
Swivel hook: swivel allows the badge reel to turn when attached
Carabiner Clip: clips to a belt loop in an easy, secure fashion
Lanyard: neck lanyard offers easy visibility; can be worn or carried

For card attachment styles, you can consider:
Clear Standard: snaps your ID badge to your reel
Clear Durable: reinforced vinyl for added durability
Swivel Hook or Split Ring: metal alternative to vinyl strap

For shapes, you can choose from round, square, carabiner clip, or heavy duty. The option you select is influenced by how you will use the badge and what information you want to display on the reel. For example, a custom carabiner option features a larger customization area than a round reel, plus the carabiner clip offers a more secure attachment. A custom heavy-duty reel is constructed of metal and offers a larger imprint area than the regular reel.

Custom Badge Reels
You can customize badge reels with a logo, business, school, event information or more.
ID badge reels generally allow two kinds of imprint for customization: the center of the badge reel and the outer rim of the badge reel. When customizing, you can also imprint information directly onto the badge reek surface using a spot-color printing process or you can print information onto a white label and attach the label to the badge reel. A transparent dome can be added to the imprinted reels for added dimension and protection.

For the ID badge reel of your choice, consider all the options of materials and customization first.

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Posted by , on Aug, 2014

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