Treat Your Family and Friends With a Comfortable Home Using Heating And Air Conditioning in Milwaukee WI

Posted by , on Mar, 2015

Maintaining a comfortable home is important for all of your family and friends. After all, you can’t enjoy quality time with those that you love when the rooms are stifling hot or frigidly cold. Thankfully, you can avoid these situations with the use of quality Heating And Air Conditioning in Milwaukee WI. Of course, there are many ways to heat and cool your home such as boiler based radiant heat or portable air conditioners. However, one of the most efficient methods for treating air is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. The HVAC uses a centralized delivery system to treat every room in the house which makes it the perfect option for heating and cooling.

The typical household HVAC uses a two or four-ton air conditioner to supply cool air. The root of refrigeration and air conditioning began with ice. A ton in air conditioning refers to the capacity to freeze one short ton of water at thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit in a twenty-four hour period. Unfortunately, this makes things a little confusing for the average purchaser, especially when some units are marked in BTU/H (British Thermal Units per Hour). A BTU is equivalent to the amount of energy produced by completely burning a single four inch kitchen match. So, if it takes two hundred and eighty-eight thousand BTU total to convert a ton of water into ice in twenty-four hours that figures to twelve thousand BTU/H. There are other factors that can affect the size of the HVAC such as temperate zones, but a single ton of cooling should treat five to six hundred square feet of space.

Other variables affect heating calculations. For instance, how well the home is insulated and whether it circulates air very well. The average home can use between thirty to sixty BTU per square foot for heat generation depending on the climate zone. The better the insulation, the less energy required for generating heat. So, an average home of two thousand square feet that needs forty BTU per square foot would require eighty thousand BTU to heat it properly. Keep in mind that the furnace will be rated by efficiency. A heating system that claims one hundred thousand BTU with an eighty percent efficiency will actually generate only eighty thousand BTU of heat. To learn more about Heating And Air Conditioning in Milwaukee WI visit You can also check their BBB ratings.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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