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While plane is not the most frequent method of arriving in the Traverse City – many people choose to drive the five hours or so from Detroit, many individuals do arrive in this fashion. They catch a plane from Detroit, Minneapolis and Chicago to arrive at Cherry Capital Airport – Traverse City Airport. Transportation to and from the airport varies. Depending upon your preference and any prior arrangements, you can make your way to and from the airport with considerable ease.

Cherry Capital Airport

Cherry Capital Airport is just a short distance from Traverse City. Airport transportation allows you to have a fair selection of what to take to cover the around five miles to the center of the city. The airport offers daily service to Detroit and other places in Michigan. From there, you can transfer to planes and use other airlines to take you to parts farther afield.

This airport just outside Traverse City is not large but offers you the conveniences air travelers have come to expect. Wireless internet services, a large comfortable waiting room, electronic check-in as well as counter service and a local gift shop are all part of the amenities at Cherry Capital Airport. There are also the usual concession stands and related shopping areas. Here, you can purchase that last minute local gift.

Types of Traverse City Airport Transportation

As is the case with all American cities, you can make your way to and from the airport by way of various transportation types. Traverse City Airport transportation choices include the following basic types:

* Rental Cars: You can arrange through your travel agent or online to pick up a rental vehicle at the airport. The Cherry Capital Airport has at least five rental companies to provide you with the vehicle you desire for the duration of your stay
* Taxis: For those who want to relax after the flight, preference is often shown to grabbing a taxi. There are several taxi stands outside the terminal. At least one taxi company operates 24/7 to guarantee you can arrive safely at your hotel no matter what the time of day or night.
* Shuttle Buses: The Airport does not operate its own shuttle service, but, if you are a member of tour you can be picked up by their shuttle service. It will take you from the airport to your destination in Traverse City
* Limousines: Limousines are another option. Limousine companies can be hired to pick you up at the airport. They are a comfortable way to arrive at your destination and a great way to both start and end your stay in Traverse City. If you are planning on taking a wine tour, some of the groups offering them will hire you a limousine for the price of a taxis to accommodate all your needs.

Traverse City Airport Transportation

If you arrive in Traverse City Airport, transportation to and from it is never a problem. You can arrange in advance to rent a car or hire a limousine. It will depend upon your preference and the plans you have while staying in Traverse City. Talk to a travel agent or with the company arranging for your wine or ale trail tour. He or she may be able to provide you with the information that will help you arrive at a decision.

If you arrive at the Traverse City Airport, Transportation is not a problem. You can rent a vehicle or take a taxis. If, however, you have arranged to take a wine trail tour with Wine and Beer Tours, ask them about renting a limousine for the duration at taxis prices. It will help ensure you not only see the sights and attend all the events, but arrive at everything in style.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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