Training Guns Prepare Officers for Anything

Posted by , on Jun, 2016

In the line of duty, police officers come face to face with any number of dangerous firearms on a daily basis. It’s important for every officer to know how to properly handle and defend themselves against any weapon a perp throws their way. Training guns are the safest and most accurate tools in preparing new and veteran officers for active firearm duty. Discover the reasons why police forces opt for replica guns during training exercises over the real things.

Eliminate Unnecessary Safety Risks

Using a training gun during tactical exercises dispels many of the safety concerns associated with an actual firearm. Even when you think a gun is unloaded, mistakes can always happen. Made out of harmless yet durable plastic, training guns offer the weight and feel of a real gun, but do not fire. This eliminates the risk of accidental discharges and officer injury.

Realistic Training With Effective Results

Police forces turn to training guns because of their unmatched realism. In training simulations, you want to recreate the most realistic situation possible. While you do not want to use real guns, a training gun is the next best solution. Training guns feel like real firearms, yet are clearly identifiable as replicas. Officers can go through their exercises safely, yet effectively.

All Shapes and Sizes

Training guns are based on a variety of gun models. Each one is precision molded to the exact specifications of a real gun and weighted accordingly. Replicas are based on actual firearms from major gun manufacturers, such as Glock and Beretta. This includes handguns, shotguns and long range rifles. In an age of rising gun violence, officers need to expect anything. Having a diverse arsenal of training weapons is essential for an effective police force. While you hope your fellow officers never have to face a suspect with a high-powered assault rifle, knowing how to handle those situations could save their lives and the lives of other innocent people.

A Safer Community

A thoroughly trained police force means everyone is safer. In order to protect law abiding citizens from the horrors of gun violence, you need police who can safely stop and apprehend dangerous individuals. While a training gun is not quite the same as the real thing, it is an accurate approximation of what officers are likely to face. In the fight against gun crime, preparedness is essential. Training guns ensure police have the knowledge and experience to keep their communities safe. Invest in a new training arsenal and prepare your officers for anything the job throws their way.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2016

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