Tips to Help You Choose the Right Transformer from Step Up Transformer Suppliers

Posted by , on Apr, 2017

When choosing a transformer for any application, there are many factors to consider. In particular, two of the most primary concerns you should consider are the load and the application. While it is common practice to simply opt for smaller transformers, you should be sure to select the transformers you use more carefully, based on their application.

When choosing a transformer for a job, be sure to make the right call by knowing what to look for in a transformer. To help you with your hunting, read more about some tips and tricks below.

Main Questions to Consider

When choosing a transformer from step up transformer suppliers, the following are a few initial questions to consider first and foremost:

  • Does the unit have enough capacity to handle the expected load and any overload?
  • What is the unit’s life expectancy and what are the related maintenance costs?
  • What is the unit’s initial cost?

Determine These Factors

Once you’ve gone over the initial questions and answered each one, the following are the factors to determine which unit you should considering buying from step up transformer suppliers:

  • Primary voltage
  • Secondary voltage
  • Whether the unit is intended for indoor or outdoor use
  • Frequency (Hz) and phase (single-phase or three-phase)
  • kVA load
  • Whether the unit will be floor- or wall-mounted
  • Whether you need an auto or double-wound transformer


Depending on the application and the way in which the transformer will be used, this will help you determine which kind of transformer you need. For example, a simple transformer found in a residential home will not be the same transformer used for a national power grid.


Liquid and dry insulation types offer different benefits for the user. For example, liquid-filled transformers are more efficient, have a greater overload capacity, and offer a longer life, whereas dry transformers offer increased strength and greater ability to withstand the elements in application.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2017

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