Tips For Business Networking For Newbies

Posted by , on Apr, 2015

Networking is not something which comes easily to many professionals and business owners. Having to get out there and talk about yourself, your products, your services and to be constantly looking for ways to “self-promote” can be uncomfortable for many.

There is good news for people who aren’t great at self-promotion or who may feel uncomfortable constantly being in sales mode. In fact, the most effective forms of business networking are not about marketing yourself or your company for sales purposes, but rather for reciprocity and a strong base of professionals you can count on when needed.

Research is clear about what makes a good business network and one which is actually effective at providing support, services, and opportunities. Businesses and other professionals don’t want to be just your next client or customer. They want to be part of a group which will mutually benefit from your business interaction.

Look for Ways to Work Together

We find people attending events, such as Small Business Expo networking opportunities, are there to find a way to work with others. In business to business marketing it is not just about getting a sale, it is about making a connection.

When you support other business owners, make referrals to their businesses and work with them through challenges they are naturally more inclined to do the same for you.

Make Connections with Other Professionals

Business networking is also about widening your circle of support, contacts and people you know personally. This allows you to not only make excellent referrals and recommendations, but it also gives you someone to call if something happens and they could be of assistance.

The best business networking involves making lots of diverse, local connections for your local business. This not only adds to your own network, but it also brings you into other networks, creating a ripple effect with your branding, company, and products or services.

Be Seen as Genuine, Supportive, and Informed

Through structured Business networking opportunities at Small Business Expo events, you can spend time networking with other professionals there for the same purpose. The result is an amazing energy and a place to brainstorm, offer help, make connections and t to meet other local small business owners in your area.

While networking may not be an easy activity for everyone, going to events which organize and manage networking activities can make it a lot easier. Remember to bring lots of business cards and prepare to interact with other small business owners to grow your network.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2015

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